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Quality Labels

Our Company’s Services

S.H.L Quality printing will do evreything to assure you the best label for your product or business.

Our printing factory is in northern israel, with a very dedicated team that will do everything to make sure the label for your product is perfect.

We will provide you with all the necessary services and the most highest standing tools using digital printing machines.

We always strive to provide you with the best customer experience using our expert knowledge about label printing, along with, the most professional team to deliver the highest quality for your product.

Markets: Wine labels, Food&beverage labels, Bath&Beauty labels, Health labels, House hold labels, Barcode labels, Security labels.

What do we do?

For over 10 years, we have been printing custom labels for a variety of produts all over the world. At S.H.L, we take pride in your label and will ensure outstanding quality from the beginning, to guarantee you will recieve the perfect look, material and adhesives for your product.

No matter what your label goal is and passion,

we will make it stick!

By using the latest in digital printing and finishing production technologies and we have hundreds of very satisfied customers.


The perfect team

Our dedicated art department is here to assist you with any need.

We will make sure that your art work is outstanding and exact for your product.

We have the most sophisticated and latest technological tools to make your printing experience a perfect experience.

Digital printing

Digital printing is a cost-effective method for producing custom labels with photography-quality graphics, accurate text, sprightly colors.

From startup businesses to large-scale enterprises, many label buyers choose digital printing, because multiple designs can be produced in the same run without delay. Digital printing is a four-color process, however, at S.H.l, we can print up to six additional spot colors to achieve greater print accuracy and full color resulting in a photographic quality finish.

Digital’s variable data technology makes printing barcodes, consecutive numbers, and multiple designs an easier and faster process.

Digitally printed labels can be ready in a very short time, and shipped within 24 hours.

Welcome to our world of finishing

We offer an extensive range of finishing solutions for your product, This is the most effective way to make sure you stanout from the competitors. Attention to details, built on teamwork and a passion for innovation is what we do to make it a perfect finising solution.

Hot foil, embossing, silk screen, selective u.v and selective u.v silk screen.

Is how we achieve your printing vision and finising passion for your label.